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3rd Global Soil Security Conference and Symposium 2017 - The 3rd Global Soil Security Conference aims to show that soil, this crucial problem that we face today. Soil is indispensable partner to meet sustainable development goals affecting soil fertility and sustainability. Visitors come from professional communities starting businesses, practitioners, policymakers and researchers on soil security dimensions through good working practices, business solutions, scientific outcomes and international initiatives that enhance protection and sustainable management of soils. The committee of Global Soil Security Conference invites you to join us to learn from and share your experiences from land management, business, policy and local practice!

Global Soil Security Conference 2017

Global Soil Security Conference and Symposium will be attended by scientists, economist, policy influencers, political experts, investors and citizens together to start the process of developing an international soil security policy. The conference was jointly organized by Texas A&M University, the University of Sydney, the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney and the Soil Science Society of America. It represents the International Union of Soil Science’s contribution to the International Year of Soils.

The soil is a valuable natural resource that has many function such as to filter nutrients, produce biomass, grow raw materials for food and fiber, or secure carbon. So we need to maintain the soil fertility in order to allow for sustainable production. Keeping soil security requires maintenance and improvement to produce food, fiber and fresh water; to contribute to sustainable energy production; adapt to climate changes; and to maintain biodiversity, human health and function in ecosystems.

Global Soil Security want to increase awareness of soil security through conservation, a book that will include the talks shared at the first symposium, and continued conversations within and between governments.