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The Top 5 Row Crop Tractors

Manufacturer of farm implements & machinery has long been in the business of helping customers get maximum value out of a product or service of agricultural machines. That's exactly what drove development of the most productive row-crop tractors in history. Farm machinery manufacture it was a breakthrough design that brought revolutionary advances in visibility, maneuverability, power and control. All built on decades of breakthroughs in the quest to achieve higher and higher performance plus more work got done faster. Thanks to the dramatic increase in  cutting-edge row crop tractor technology helped push up yields and farmers reap the rewards of higher fuel efficiency.

And now there are even more options of ensuring that your leading performance in the row crop tractor world is performance. With many choices available, it’s important to put some time into picking the best Row Crop Tractor for your farm. Here are 5 best row crop tractors manufacturers.

1) John Deere
7290R John-Deere Row Crop Tractors
7290R John Deere Row Crop Tractors
With the logo of a leaping deer and the slogan “nothing runs like a Deere” this American company truly lives up to its words producing some of the finest machineries for agriculture, construction and forest equipment.

This company has featured in Fortune global 500 in 2016, ironically the company was actually started by the owner john Deere to escape bankruptcy. This company started production of tractors in 1918 and unlike many other companies it started producing 4 and 6 cylinder tractors with high horse power and better hydraulics becoming the most sought after tractor company. Comfort of the person driving was also put first during the production of series of tractors called Sound idea which had a cab equipped with speakers and air conditioners. John Deere today employs more than 67,000 people and is the best tractor producing company in the world.

2) Massey Ferguson
Massey Ferguson 8680 Row Crop Tractor
Massey Ferguson 8680 Row Crop Tractor

Massey Ferguson is one for the major agricultural equipment manufacturing company in the world. It is a Canadian company which was founded in 1847, and is based in Buffalo, New York. With Canada facing acute labour shortage back in the 1840s and Massey Ferguson being the only manufacturer of mechanised agricultural equipment this company made a lot of profit and a string of happy customers.

This company is very well established today because of the many military contracts it took during the World War 2. This is the period when this company produced the first generation of tractors and soon enough the company started flourishing, producing the world’s first ever four-wheel drive tractors. Even today, Massey Ferguson is the preferred tractor company across the world and has partnered up with various companies to reach every country in the world.

3) Case IH
Case IH Magnum 340 Row Crop Tractor
Case IH Magnum 340 Row Crop Tractor

This agricultural equipment company came into being in 1984 and has a wide network of dealers and distributors. Today this company is well known in the tractor market for the production of Magnum tractors which was first produced in 1987. Soon Magnum tractors became the most efficient tractors for large scale farming due to its efficiency and low fuel consumption.

This company today is owned by the CNH industries and is merged with New Holland. Because of its strong production and engineering units Case IH is the second largest producer of agricultural equipment in the world. The other notable tractors include Steiger tractor and STX500 Steiger.

4) New Holland Tractors

New Holland T6050 Elite Row Crop Tractor
New Holland T6050 Elite Row Crop Tractor

New Holland is an international brand famous for its tractors and other agricultural machineries like harvesters, utility vehicles, sprayers, seeding equipment and many more. It was founded in 1985 in New Holland, Pennsylvania and has headquarters in Turin, Italy. A few American companies like Ford Motor and Sperry Corporation had acquired New Holland before it became a brand in CNH global. Although the fiat industries hold most of the shares.

New Holland is recognized all around the world with 18 plants distributed across 170 countries, mainly Asia specific. Innovation is a major attribute of this company as it has received many awards for the same and as a step towards the greener earth came up with a hydrogen powered tractor called NH2 which runs entirely on renewable sources.

5) Fendt
Fendt 1050 Vario Row Crop Tractor

Fendt is a well-known tractor manufacturer based in Germany. Other than tractors this company also manufactures other agricultural machines like balers and combines harvesters. the first ever tractor was manufactured back in 1937 by the owners Fendt with the help of their father. AGCO currently holds the license to Fendt.

Their tractors boast a wide range of models with bhp ranging from 70 to 500 and tractors modified specifically for use in municipalities and forestry industries. Fendt also revolutionised the tractor market when it introduced vario transmission in the model Fendt 926 vario back in 1966. They also hold a key to the future of tractor market with a prototype tractor The Trisix. Nicknamed Mobydick, this prototype has six-wheel drive and other innovative systems making it the tractor for the future.