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Price of Terra Agricultural Drones

Price of Terra Agricultural Drones - Terra agricultural drones provide useful services for maintaining the volume of soil and managing the progress of construction, using laser survey and photogrammetry through drone technology (UAV), and high-precision 3-dimensional drawings in a short period of time.

In addition, Terra has also developed UTM (UAV Traffic Management), a system that grasps real-time location information of unmanned aerial vehicles and supports the efficiency and safe flights of multiple drones.
  • Land surveying with Terra Drone has been a proven comprehensive and complete service.
  • Terra provides comprehensive forest survey service by integrating UAV and LiDAR technologies.
  • Terra drone has the following three unique points that make it beneficial for mining aerial surveys: Terra Drone is committed to a complete aerial survey solution, with a focus on safety,efficiency and reducing the cost of acquiring critical project information.
  • Terra provide inspection services for civil infrastructure including bridges and railways using Terra Drone UAV which is capable of detecting minute details as small as 0.02 mm.
  • Drones are installed with infrared thermal cameras that are capable of replacing current inspection methods by human power.