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Agriculture Drone Airinov

Airinov, drone-based farming applications, enables to develop a fully automated aerial cartography system for environmental and agricultural applications. It can either deliver multispectral maps to be analyzed by biologists or compute agronomic diagnosis for direct use by farmers. The AIRINOV technology delivers advanced and detailed information about crops to predict how much fertilizer is needed to supply, pesticide and water is required at the right place. As a result, Agridrone Airinov preserves both crops yields and the environment through accuracy.

Crops require the right balance of nutrients for growth and production. By diagnosing the crops needs, agriculture drone Airinov gives farmers the opportunity to maintain the crops quality and yields whilst reducing the use of fertilizers, pesticides and water. The farmers could both reduce their nitrogen-fertilizer by 10% and increase their crops yields by 3% on rape by using Airinov. This saves 75€ per hectare, which comes to 9000 € in savings over one year.

AIRINOV technology enables to creating map fields with unrivalled accuracy, so the farmers know how to boosting yields, cutting costs, and driving their business forwards. With a range of agricultural sensors, it spots things a human eye cannot see, just like an X-ray. As simple as ABC, it helps farmers to manage crop growth at key development stages.

Since its 2010 creation, AIRINOV Technologies optimize yields and manage farm. Nitrogen recommendation, quality improvement, innovation are the main concerns of AIRINOV team. At the end, agriculture drone AIRINOV will be able to predict yields on oilseed rape and cereals, to determine when to start the harvest or to assess the health of crops, etc .