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RJX Agricultural Sprayer UAV Drone with GPS for Sale - Agricultural Drone deals with the increasing importance of the role of aerial robots in managing agricultural farms and natural resources. There are many various models of drones as well as the most recent and popular agricultural drones in usage. 

Agricultural drones are expected to revolutionize the way we conduct agronomic procedures and maintain natural vegetation on earth. And now, we will review RJX Agricultural Sprayer UAV Drone with GPS, a drone crop spraying, that uses drones for soil fertility, weed control, pest and disease control and production agronomy.

RJX Agricultural Sprayer UAV Drone with GPS explores the advanced sensors and imaging capabilities of drones that give farmers new ways to increase yields and reduce crop damage.

Below is data collection price list including specifications and we take RJX Agricultural Sprayer UAV Drone with GPS for 2022.

Specification (Price $10,999.00) :

Dimension (Fold): 600x600x480mm
Rotor diameter: 711mm
Motor wheelbase :1200mm
Empty weight: 10kg
Motor: U10
ESC: 80Ax4
Maximum takeoff weight: 23kg
Volume: 10L / 10000cc
Payload capacity: 10kg
Propeller: 26-30in
Lithium polymer battery: 12S(44.4V)/16000Mah
Battery weight: 3kg
Operating speed: 6-8m/s
Working hours: 15-25 Minutes

Package Include:

1 x RJX Professional Agricultural UAV Sprayer Drone with GPS