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Center Pivot Irrigation System

Developed in the 20th century, center-pivot sprinklers have become a staple on large farms. Inventors design each sprinkler for the field it will be irrigating. The center pivot irrigation systems were cumbersome contraptions of linked pipe that had to be connected to a wellhead, with long spans to set up and operate. By tapping into an underground source, the system can pump out water through the sprinkler heads. During a drought, the irrigation system can provide a long pull drink for crops on a hot summer day. Using this system, farmers are able to irrigate rather large swaths of field at a single time.

The Sun, the soil, the seed and the water, each element plays a valuable and irreplaceable role in producing your crops. When it comes to getting the most out of every drop of water, center pivot irrigation machines are the ultimate solution. You can conserve water, maximize yields and crop revenues, and save resources, energy and labor. With durable, efficient irrigation equipment you can make the most of the land you farm. Center pivots allow you to easily rotate your crops and reduce the need for tillage. They can also help mitigate environmental challenges such as soil erosion and salinity problems, leading the way to more consistent production season after season. Available with GPS, corner irrigation gives you an opportunity to increase the production area by 15% or more.


There are many of the same benefits of a center pivot irrigation system. The system operates by traveling back and forth on rectangular fields, which allows you to irrigate up to 98% of the field depending on wind speed and direction, sprinkler type, operating pressure, and tillage practices. These machines greatly increase the efficiency of irrigation management compared to surface, drip, side roll, or hand move irrigation. Many irrigation systems manufacturers are ready to work with you to design the optimal water application package for your fields; including drop and sprinkler options to suit various crops and soil types with the ability to efficiently apply crop protection products and fertilizers. The following are some advantages of center pivot irrigation system.
  • Reduced operating labor  
  • Center pivots are designed to optimize irrigation after analysis of soil and plant types.
    You can monitor soil moisture and manage water usage accordingly.  
  • High water application uniformity with good water management
  • Light frequent applications can be made; systems with nozzle pressures as low as 10 psi can be used 
  • Chemical applications can be made 
  • Pivots can operate as part circle systems because they are capable of operating either in forward or in reverse 
  • Using smartphones, tables, and personal computers, you can remotely monitor and control multiple irrigation machines, allowing you to stay informed and make management decisions no matter where you are.
When you have a corner arm on your center pivot irrigation system, you are able to extend your irrigable land and maximize your yield. But, when your corner arm doesn’t apply a uniform application, you end up with areas that are either over- or under-watered—resulting in an undesirable use of water and potential damage to your crop. Choose the best irrigation machines engineered and manufactured to be the most durable, longest lasting and most reliable in the industry, and superior span structure.


Growing more food with less water is becoming a critical challenge for agriculture across the globe. Because all crops need water to grow, we need to use our water wisely. By replacing traditional irrigation practices with mechanized irrigation solutions, we can use our water more efficiently.
With advancements in technology, center pivot irrigation systems help you manage and use just the right amount of water at the right time. Fertilizing and irrigation according to dynamic weather changes, managing threats of disease, and using satellite imagery for crop and yield prediction.