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How to Use the DJI - Phantom 4 Pro Flight Controller

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro remote controller and get the batteries ready for flight. Charging the batteries in both the remote and the drone is pretty simple. You can easily remove the battery pack from the drone by pinching the top and bottom tabs and pulling it straight out. Plug the charger into a standard wall outlet and then plug in your battery pack as well as your remote controller. When your lights on the controller and the drone batteries stop flashing, both units are completely charged.

Here's a pro tip,
  • Make sure to store your battery out of direct sunlight and in moderate temperatures.
  • Always check your battery for damage before every flight make sure there are no punctures or cracks. If you see any, don't fly and replace it immediately.
You can always tap the button on the back of the battery to see how much charge of has left. Next, insert the battery into the back of the drone. One battery will give you 30 minutes of flight time, and when it's getting low it'll send you a signal to land.

Let's take a look at the controller now and some of its features. With the Pro version you will notice the holder for your mobile device on top and two antennae that fold out. Keeping those antennae pointed at the drone during flight is important to ensure you have a good signal. You'll see the power button on the left and the Return To Home button on the right.

Tapping the power button once will give you the battery status of the remote. When you're ready to land, hold the Return To Home button down for three seconds. The drone will return to the spot where it took off and land itself.

There are two joysticks on this controller. The one on the left makes your drone go up and down and rotate to the left and right. The joystick on the right controls your forward backward left and right movements. At the top of the controller, on the left side, Phantom 4 Pro has our Gimbal Tilt Control Wheel. Above that is the Video Record Button. Next of the Video Record Button is the Flight Mode switch. Beginners should always start in P mode. This mode uses GPS and it's the most stable for flying. On the top right side Phantom 4 Pro has a video pause button and a camera shutter button for taking stills.

Below that is a wheel that controls your ISO, which will make your video brighter or darker. And underneath the controller, are two customizable buttons. By default, the left one will make your camera point straight down, which is nice for landing. The one on the right returns the camera to the forward position.

Be sure to check out the other flight modes and functions like: Home Lock mode; Follow Me mode; Point of interest mode; and even Setting Waypoints for your Phantom 4 Pro to follow. If you have the Phantom 4 Pro Plus then you have the integrated LCD screen that's 5 times brighter than a mobile device. The Phantom 4 Pro plus has an upgraded lightbridge HD video transmission system to cut through the interference or image lag up to 4.3 miles! But, everything else about the remote works the same as the regular Pro version.