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Massey Ferguson RB 4180V for Sale

Why a The Massey Ferguson RB 4180V? It has a pickup that is the most important part of a baler, like no others. With its 2.25-m working width, the pick-up gathers even the widest swaths thoroughly in more leaves and handles higher volume windrows better than any other baler can. The pick-up is able to follow every ground contour that protects the grass cover, even at high operating speeds and when turning.

This year, Massey Ferguson is upgrading its range of product adding the Hay and Forage equipment including round balers. It has a variable chamber pressure, available in two models: 4160 and 4180. They are extremely modern equipment, that let to create bales from 90 cm of diameter to 180 cm for the bigger model and 160 cm for the smaller. Moreover, this machinery can been completed with a system of 13, 17 or 25 knives and the driver could directly choose how many of them activate or deactivate when it's working. The baler is equipped with belts for the forage winding. These baler belts are made of rubber and there are no joints so their reliability is excellent.

See closely the front of MF 4180V, where there's the pickup and how it's designed. It has a roller swath-presser and the product enter homogeneously. So you can push hard and have no problems. Every 20 minutes the baler is full! In my opinion the way the forage enters is fundamental.

How much flexibility does this variable chamber offer? You can go till 180 cm, bales from 80 cm to 180 cm, as you want. You can adjust everything from there, from the onboard computer actually every operation of the press could be done from there, from terminal. You have the anti-stall mode, you can activate or deactivate the knives, the number of net windings the core. Now they call it "soft core", you can activate it or not. You can activate it from 40 cm at least, to a maximum of what you want. The internal pressure of the core, as they call it. Then externally you have some adjustments from 0 to 10, that actually are from 25 bar to 210 bar and you can do the bales at the pressure that you want. Especially with a weather like this year, that is not so good, You can adjust the machine to the type of forage in no time!

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Well, you need to practice, RB 4180V is so comfortable, fast and easy. You never have to get down from the tractor! It produces great bales! If we talk about productivity and weight of the bales, the results are amazing! Even if you go really fast, the bale comes out perfect and this is important!

"Is a 150HP tractor sufficient?" Well, as we are in the plains, it's even too much, but when you use the hard core mode on the hills, it requires them all. If you have even more horse power, it would be worth. When you are on a slope, you have the double power consumption.

Then, we should talk about the standard monitor, it's called E-link, and it can be upgraded with the PRO version. And if the tractor is modern and it's already equipped with ISOBUS connections, the baler can be even controlled by the tractor's terminal.

In the end, we won't hide the fact that this is not a baler all developed from the start from Massey Ferguson, last year, in the 2017th, the AGCO group, which owns Massey Ferguson, has bought the Lely-Welger brand, famous and innovative factory of forage equipment.

Since the early 2018, these balers are sold in red livery and with the Massey Ferguson logo, so we have all the reliability of the famous Lely-Welger machines, which for sure a lot of you already knows about!

Specifications of Massey Ferguson RB 4180V:
  • Design: Round baler 
  • Operating hours: 2,000 h 
  • Pickup working width: 2.25 m 
  • Bale chamber: Variable bale chamber 
  • Bale dimensions: 1.00-1.85 
  • Tires: 500 / 55-20 
  • E-Link Pro with control panel 
  • Swiveling pickup feeler wheels, cutting unit with 25 knives 
  • Display Bale Forming (Left / Right) 
  • Available from mid-August 2018