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List of The Latest Combine Harvester Price from Various Manufacturers

We have aimed to make it easy for the readers to see themselves using the modern combine harvesters. The latest models can be equipped with built-in refrigerators, monitors, and fold-downs for laptop and tablet computers. As is the case with cars, operators can elect to install video cameras to capture what's behind them when they're backing up. We also give the list of latest combine harvester prices and hints or tips in machinery specs to make the customers get more detail about operating the combine harvester before it's even arrived.

This farm machinery customer’s guide is for farmers and agriculture service professionals who are contemplating using combine harvester to efficiently harvest a variety of grain crops. If you are excited in operating your own combine harvester, then this information will tell you everything you need to know to choose and purchase the right combine harvester for your needs. So, take your time and find out the best combine harvester from various manufacturers posted here that suitable with your needs and allow users to operate with ease and confidence.

1. Claas Lexion 780

With a combination of strength, efficiency and performance in any crop condition, Claas Lexion 780 have helped farmers become more efficient at harvest by saving fuel, saving grain, increasing productivity and driving down the cost of harvest.  In the case of the LEXION 780, in fact, a maximum output of 626 hp is available.

Together CLAAS Lexion and CLAAS FINANCE can help you plan your farms with confidence and certainty. Information for price, please contact: Purchase Class Lexion.

2. New Holland CR10.90

Combine Harvester equipped with a power plant capacity getting up to 700 hp. The New Holland CR10.90, the world’s most powerful combine and high speed, has raised the bar again on performance with a 50hp power upgrade to deliver a massive performance in all crops.

On the other hand, the type of processor that delivers dependable performance in varied crops and conditionsis. It is optimal for your production (rotary, rocker, hybrid) and the reapers (the combing and traditional) which always delivers the most efficient output and the cleanest results in any crop type and under any conditions.

Consult with the Dealer at the time of purchase for the current rate and amount. Please go to Buying Services.

3. Fendt IDEAL

The Fendt IDEAL is a combine designed to open up new horizons in productive harvests for the needs both professional farmers and contractors in the future. During development, AGCO worked this unique IDEAL combine in 3 models with 451, 538 and 647 HP. The Fendt IDEAL 8 and IDEAL 9 preserve high-performance MAN engines, grain and straw quality, easy and logical user-friendliness, as well as a revolutionary sensor technology for optimal machine setting. An innovative threshing system ensures maximum output together with efficient fuel consumption.

The manufacturer says price and availability will be released at a later time.

4. Case IH Axial-Flow 50 Series

Lead the industry in performance. The latest farming products and innovations by introducing the Axial-Flow® 50 series combines. Case IH offers the industry’s largest lineup of combines to create more efficient farming systems. The new Axial-Flow® 50 series combines are designed to be reliable and preserve the quality of over 134 grain types, so the farmers can simply harvest more of what they grow. From header to spreader, the new Axial-Flow® 50 series combines bring increased reliability, easier operation and improved productivity with high-quality grain in the tank.

Greg Stierwalt said the list price for new Case IH combines range from $330,000 to $487,000, and that's for base models with no add-ons, as a sales associate at Birkey’s Farm Store, a Case IH & New Holland service dealer.  Please go on to configure and price your new Case IH Combine Harvester, click here.

5. John Deere S Series

John Deere S Series Combines have fewer drive components and designed with simplicity and reliability. Combines included in the family of machines John Deere, best of all it is suitable for heavy duty where you need large power, efficiency, and accuracy, as the grain losses do not exceed 1%, made possible by the AB scheme. The new system delivers exceptional fuel economy, and liquids, while having an impressive capacity. It also provides better smoothness and uniformity of harvest, and the percentage of damaged grains not more than 0,2.

Michael Cessna most new John Deere combines are priced from $380,000 to $480,000 as a sales representative for the Arends-Hogan-Walker (AHW) dealership east of Urbana. With add-on features, farmers might be looking at $500,000- $600,000 for a combine.

Why the range in price for combine harvesters? Bigger models tend to have greater horsepower, bigger grain tanks and can accommodate bigger header attachments.

As is the case with cars, few buyers pay list price — there are often promotional discounts and trade-in deals.

A combine harvester is a big capital investment for farmers, but remember it's not the only equipment purchase they make. Farmers also need various types of tractors, spreaders, planters, tillage equipment, and other modern farm machines — which cost in the same range.