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11 Best Livestock Information Management Software (LIMS) Recommended by Experts

Livestock farming could be very tiring, hectic and unpredictable especially if you have a big livestock dealing with a wide range of animal species in your farm. Gone are the days when farm managers bring a lot of documents with a pen and walk to take data and information concerning the animals being reared in the cage. If you intend to run livestock farming as a business, then you need a system that can help to monitor your livestock. Most cattle farmers have incorporated Livestock Information Management System (LIMS) to abandon the farm traditional method. With those conditions, it is high time farmers make their livestock competitive.

Inputting data using LIMS helps farmers to know the history of cattle fattening programs, feeding programs, tracking livestock from birth to sale, and identifying cattle health in real-time anywhere and anytime.

Livestock information management products offer animal inventory management, from number of livestock to height, weight, health, and fertility. It also provides feed costing and performance metrics to better inform users. With LIMS, you can figure out financial tracking to record profits from livestock sales more easy, quick and efficient. Livestock management software may coexist with crop management products or be a part of solution for larger farm management. Just by bringing a smartphone. Simply Tap Your Handheld to Collect Livestock Information.

Top Livestock Information Management Software: Farmbrite, Moobell Wmotion, Aglive IntegriPro, Ranch Manager, Chetu, Cattle Max, Livestocked, MiHub, Muuu, Agritec, and Farmplan are some of the Top Livestock Management Software.

What are Livestock Information Management Software?

Livestock Management Software is a system that helps farmers in the management of their herds. It helps to save time, money and reduces the risks of errors to record and keep track of their livestock from birth all the way to sale. It captures all aspects of ranch operation and the regulatory process in the lifetime of an animal. With the LIMS, farmer manager can keep track of the number of animals on the farm, costing and performance metrics, as well as financial tracking from the sale of animals. The software is customized to meet specific livestock management requirements. It is worth noting that the software is a highly specialized tool to manage livestock operations so the more reason why you should be careful with the kind of cattle software you settle for. To qualify for inclusion in the Livestock Management category, a system should be able to or be capable of:
  • Real-time inventory and location management: offer easy inventory management for livestock movements and measurables. This is a software feature that allows one to control of all the moving animals from one location to another and track the location history. You can visually see which herds were in a particular area at any given time. In addition to that, the system has multiple views that provide information on where the herds have been and where they were going. Keep track of the best performing, most profitable herds and take your herd to the next level.
  • Feed management: unlock the revenue potential by providing granular insights into the feeding of livestock. The system provides farm managers to have the better your feed quality and easily track the amount of food consumed by each animal. The platform feature comes in cloud-based software so they can optimize data and calculate the cost of feed that is being consumed from each ranch. Thus, the software lets you manage large amounts of product data as quickly and easily.
  • Detailed livestock records: Would you like to improve your value chain with a superior livestock record keeping system? The right livestock software provides recorded data of cattle from birth to sale. The software captures valuable information of your animals such as breed, gender, birth date, birth weight, and among others. You can save photos of each animal bringing the relevance of the past into the present. It can assist with better decision-making and improved herd or flock value.
  • Track due dates: due-date tracking is a key component of managing an efficient farm business. The feature can track the due dates for each animal be it under pasture breed, Artificial Intelligence (AI), or embryos ranch management. The system tracks the estimated calving period for animals based on when selecting females and herd sires. With such information, it is possible to expense for more accurate estimations of breeding value.

1. Farmbrite

Farmbrite is an online farm management system that will help farmers be more productive. Farmbrite offers all the features they need to get better organized, keep better records, manage animal husbandry, track income and expenses, identify trends, gain valuable insights and increase efficiency and profits.

  • Record Keeping & Accounting
Livestock, crops, equipment, accounting all in one place. Simply and easily keep track of all your important records for farm business. Record information, streamline accounting, notes, and activities for crops, livestock, staff & assets.
  • Marketing & Website
Take your farmstand online. Promote your business with a customizable website. Sell produce & CSA memberships online, while automatically managing inventory and orders with our built in online store.
  • Planning & Management
Plan, track, and manage your farm and ranch activities through a shared, multi-user account. Plan crop plantings, estimate and generate seed orders, chart expenses & income, manage grazing rotations and keep on schedule with plantings, harvests and maintenance.
  • Reporting & Insights
Gain valuable insights that can help you run a more efficient and profitable business. Easily identify trends and understand your return on investment (RoI). Discover what crops, fields, livestock or processes produce the best results.

2. Moobell WMotion

Moobell WMotion is a leading livestock tool used by sheperd to gather and keep stocks. MooBell is a solution specialized for your farm and livestock. Now, you can monitor your livestock anytime & anywhere. MooBell can be applied to enterprises and small medium businesses that makes you easy to get the real-time update of your cattle. Improve the farm management, increase the productivity. All in your hand.

  • Livestock profile
Gives you detailed information about your livestock, from their name, tag number, sex, birthdate, breeding status, or customized regarding to your needs.
  • Reproduction
This feature enables you to simplify control of your livestock's breed. This feature also divide calving, weaning, and breeding effortless.
  • Fattening program
This feature allows you to create a fattening program for your livestock. You can start from defining weight target. Plan a feeding program that will help you meet your weight target
  • Dispensary
This feature allows you to control your livestock's health. Our system provides information whether your livestock is infected or not in a healthy condition.

3. Aglive IntegriPro software

Aglive IntegriPro software provides a one-stop shop for managing livestock accreditations and collecting on-farm data. Aglive IntegriPro enables producers to complete industry and commercial certifications in one central spot as it moved from a paper-based system to a digital future, including unlimited electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVDs) and national livestock identification system compliance.

Aglive IntegriPro software system offers free to all producers for the Mob Basic package, with the option to upgrade for more added features for a fee. It integrates farm accreditation and management data on to one powerful platform, in the cloud, to provide a portable, digital resource accessible via mobile device, tablet or desktop.

The platform allows producers to manage their farm by mapping paddocks and movement, assigning animals, monitoring of feeding, lifecycle treatments, and integrating radio frequency identification (RFID) wands for full animal traceability. This allows for improved stock inventory management, ownership audit & control. The Aglive IntegriData software uses real time mapping technology to create a unique digital geo-string which associates a unit of livestock production with its place of origin.

  • Convenient
Create unlimited NVDs wherever you are. Use your tablet or smartphone to create electronic NVD forms for mob & individual animals as you go.
  • Instant
As soon as your NVD form is complete the consignee is notified, before the truck even leaves your property.
  • Proof of quality
Instant and traceable proof of your compliance to LPA farming standards offers expanded access to overseas markets.
  • Always up to date
The Aglive IntegriPro app is automatically updated with NLIS and LPA requirements in real time.
  • Red meat industry ready
Use one app for all cattle, sheep and goat movements.
  • Integrity
Supports brand protection and increases access to premium markets based on proof of provenance and product origin.

The Aglive IntegriPro system helps you protect the future of farm industry, ensure the health and wellbeing of the livestock. It demands a new approach to farm management, the potential upside for farmers who can prove the quality of their farm management standards is high. With better insights and feedback, you can make the right decisions, for the good of your farm, and for the good of the industry.

The Aglive IntegriPro App is available to download through the iTunes App Store and Google Play, and users can then sign up to the program via the website.

4. Ranch Manager

Ranch Manager Open is the first Livestock Information Management software (LIMS) to use a voluntary licensing model. Basically, it comes with an easy- to-use interface, allowing you to conform to the industry standards. To get started, no investment is required. The system designed for the modern livestock business keeps detailed livestock records such as manage ID, pedigree, and breeding. It records multiple actions including treatments, sales, animal locations, and events that happen to the animal throughout its lifetime. Track herd performance including basic accounting capabilities for managing Expenses, Profit and Loss in a couple quick and easy steps. You can create a ranch calendar and add unlimited notes to stay organized and become more productive. With today's technology, powerful features give analysis on desktop screen, and then optionally print it for your records.

  • Manifest report includes information such as animal ID, birth date, current tracking number, plastic tag, brisket tag, metal tag and tattoo
  • Detailed Livestock Records per breed, gender, sire, birth date, weight and any notes about the animal in one program
  • Multiple ID tags and multiple weights for tracking purposes 
  • Feed management - Ranch Manager helps you to apply feed plans to locations or to individual animals and track feed costs that provides valuable information for future plan.
  • Rapid data entry: It can assist farmers to enter multiple animals in a sequence at once. It provides basic information in up front, then you can quickly modify each animal after they have been created using the "Browse" view. Farmers enable to record sale information which is great for buying a load of animals.
  • Pasture and location management: Manage animal moving  from one location to another and track their location history. With multiple views, It makes easy for you to get the information you need about where your animals are located, and where they were located.
  • Track Due Dates: Ranch Manager will track the expected calving due dates for your cattle, whether you pasture breed, AI or use Embryos Ranch Manager. Estimated due dates are calculated when the breeding date is recorded (such as with AI and Embryos). 
  • Sales Tracking and Reporting: Easily track animals that you are planning to sell, get detailed reports based on sale activity including view information based on average price per pound, or total sales
Designed as a complete livestock management system for the modern livestock business, Ranch Manager assists you with cattle breeding plans, pedigree tree expanding, inbreed detection, average daily gain, feeding plans, income/expenses tracking, and the life history of the livestock operation.

5. Chetu

Chetu’s livestock software specialists develop custom platforms for centralizing all operations related to cattle management, as well as poultry, horses, and other dairy herds. Chetu builds native and cross-platform mobile apps with full access to the management platform and the ability for users to scan ID tags and pull up animal specs with one click. It offers program modules for animal and breeding tracking, ranch management, accounting, and more. This LIMS is integrated with Business Intelligence (BI) engines for calculating animal and herd values according to factors like breed, pedigree, location, age, and market conditions. 

  • Custom dashboards for tracking herd-wide propagation and gestation statuses
  • Decision Support Systems (DSS): Optimize operations for reducing breeding costs, producing quality offspring, and identifying underperforming stock
  • Livestock Record Keeping: Enable ranchers to view and edit data (pedigree, origin, health stats, pending events) on every animal in the herd
  • Custom report generation tools for visualizing key performance indicators for each animal, herd, or other custom-defined groups
  • Pasture and grazing management: Record and optimize individual field yields and annual pasture growth. This software is equipped with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geo-fencing technology for generating detailed field views and planning herd movements. 
  • Weather tracking system: Alert users when herds need to take shelter
  • Gain greater insight into livestock record keeping, grazing, breeding and more with Chetu's custom livestock management software
  • Feed management: Determine the optimal nutritional intake for individual animals and groups, as well as testing batches, planning feed schedules, automating ingredient reorders, and managing facilities (including security and energy usage). It maintains supplier-level traceability and ensures Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) compliance.

6. CattleMax

CattleMax is a better way to manage livestock business online for commercial and registered cattle operations to track production, performance, and marketing records. CattleMax is the leading software choice for cow-calf ranches. The software offers basic features including production records, cattle notes, medical records, multi-record update, electronic ID features, pre-set and custom reports and much more. CattleMax is a one-stop software solution  for cow-calf ranches. CattleMax enables users to securely record, update, and share cattle records across multiple devices, multiple users, and multiple locations.

  • Management Snapshots: Highlights up-to-date cattle inventory by category, upcoming calving, and approaching events
  • Movement history: Pasture movements record automatically when the animal is moved to a different pasture or location
  • Activity Timeline: View the most recent activity for individual cattle by key management categories like breeding, calving, measurements, and health.
  • Calving History: See all offspring of individual cows, including birth, weaning, and sales information all on one screen
  • Pasture exposure and artificial insemination: Full support for natural service and artificial insemination. AI breeding, whether recorded individually or on a group basis, also enables you to keep track of your cleanup bull.
  • Current Breeding Status: Record and review pregnancy checks and projected calving dates
  • EPD and EBV statistics: Keep up with EPDs (North America) and EBVs (Worldwide)
  • The Weaning management feature automatically calculates an adjusted 205-day weight based on the provided data
  • Raised/Purchase tracking: View performance results of cattle that you raise and those that you purchase to make informed management decisions.
  • Health: Record treatment date, diagnosis, medication, dosage, route location, administered by, manufacture lot/serial number, temperature and more. These features comply with the Beef Quality Assurance requirements and can also be helpful to provide to your vet regarding the Veterinary Feed Directive.
CattleMax software is the easy solution for all your livestock record keeping needs, organize records in one place, and maximize profit potential. CattleMax helps you identify problems with your herds and get specific information to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.

For pricing information, please go to CattleMax Pricing.

7. Livestocked

Livestocked is a complete herd management software. With a business first approach to livestock record keeping and farm management, Livestocked understands farmers would prefer to be in the paddock and not in front of the computer. It comes with its intuitive mobile interfaces that help users manage their herd, semen & embryo inventory, sales, and financials from the desk or out in the paddock. Livestocked software allows you to manage multi-species and multi-breed herd through one easy to use app.

  • Animal treatment and health records
  • Individual animal records
  • Task management: Easily capture batch numbers, expiry dates, and withholding periods
  • Cattle management: Animal database, inseminations, milkings, health, feed rations, weighings, alerts, heat detection
  • Herd / Flock Record Keeping
  • Detailed weight gain performance analysis
Livestocked is farm management done right - If it's a herd, flock, crop or litter, Livestocked can handle it from the office or out in the field.

8. MiHub

MiHub Livestock software is a system desigend to monitor animal weight gains and track their performance to target weights. MiHub provides useful information to help users identify top and bottom performers via simple graphs and charts. MiHub is a Cloud based online system that is accessible to herd reporting and task management from any device, anywhere with an internet connection. It works as a single system to transfer data between in-shed modules and online databases to provide users with real-time data capture and management. The MiHub Dashboard can be fully customized to present the most relevant and valuable information.

  • Easy to read graphs of cow health and production trend lines
  • Comprehensive software tools for viewing and managing cow information from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Displays up to 27 pre-set reports e.g. mastitis, yield, cow weights, missing cows, herd age distributions, submission rates
  • Data entry is quick and easy from online or in-shed
  • Treatment recording straightforward from online or in-shed
  • Intuitive interface that is easy to navigate
MiHub is a powerful, cloud-based livestock management software that helps users monitor animal weight gains.

9. Muuu

Muuu is a Customer-relationship management (CRM) system that analyzes the activities of the cattle farm and generates a digital quality certificate to promote the business with customers and the consumers of your products. At Muuu, you will be able to share management activities, as well as compare and adjust the performance of the farms in which you participate, in real time and in any device, breaking down barriers in access to information, speeding up operations so that you can focus on making right decisions for the success of your business.

  • Digital Agricultural Marketing: Generate a unique page of the cattle farm and share it with customers and consumers
  • Field Work Planner: Create worksheets to use in the field for cattle management activities
  • Cattle operations: Save time by importing and updating cattle data on the go
  • Cattle reports: Keep data collection and analytics up to date for better decision making
  • Cattle traceability and identification: Better chance to enter more foreign markets, help with consumer transparency, and add value to calves
  • Audit trail: Maintain supplier-level traceability
Muuu is an easy-to-understand software for cattle farmers that gives them total control over cattle management.

10. Agritec

Agritec gives users decision-making tools with fast, easy data entry, and flexible yet powerful reporting. Available for Web, Desktop, and Mobile platforms Agritec was designed to be an easy and secure system to help farmers just like you. 

The most outstanding characteristic of Agritec is its tremendous flexibility that it works just as well for small or large farms. Agritec can help to manage reports be easily configured by choosing from many breakdowns, filters, and sorts. In addition, Agritec incorporates a complete and powerful Report Designer with which users to improve the way you run your farm.

  • Medical records: Complete track of treatment reports
  • Electronic Feed Supply integration
  • Financial management: Income, expenses, sales, account charts, summaries
  • Feed management: Ration formulation, feed budgets, and growth curves
  • Growing management: Animal movements, feed usage, and growth performance
  • Record history, routine management and monitoring
Agritec is an all-in-one livestock management software that will help farmers optimize the performance of the farm and discover oppoutunities to increase productivity.

11. FarmPlan

Farmplan provides a range of software packages to help farmers manage their livestock effectively and efficiently. Farmplan makes it simple to plan and manage resources, track their operations, measure output and understand what's working well and what's not.

The software generates reports for farm inspections by DEFRA, Trading Standards and Farm Assurance Schemes. It can help you reduce duplicate recording, manual processes and the chances of financial penalties. It can also help prevent many common errors. You can choose range of beef and sheep software to find the right package for your enterprise.

  • Cattle software
Meet cattle identification, movement and treatment recording requirements with Cattle Focus and Cattle Manager.
  • Sheep software
Record animal identification, movements, losses and sheep deaths in Flock Manager and Sheep Manager.
  • Livestock Manager
Livestock Manager combines the features of Cattle Manager and Sheep Manager to give you all the benefits of both in one easily accessible program.

  • Devices and EID
Link external devices to the software, including stick readers, data loggers and windows mobile devices.