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7 Best Small Garden Vegetables to Have at Home

When you want to start making your veggie garden, keep in mind that there are several best small garden vegetables for your benefits. A small garden isn’t a reason for not growing or planting. After all, you need some greeneries at home – and what’s better than having your veggie garden that helps you produce things you like to eat?

Important Things to Remember

Before we get to the lists of the best small garden vegetables, you need to have these crucial things in mind – even before you start planting.

  • You need to plant something that you like to consume. What’s the point of growing broccoli if you hate it? What’s the use?
  • Choose the varieties that are generally costly in the market. In my area, broccoli and onions are quite expensive – I always have to spend extra to buy them. Think of the stuff that requires you to spend extra and plant them. You can seriously save a lot of money!
  • Choose something that will keep producing or growing, even after you have picked or harvested them. Things like peas or beans can be handy.

The Recommended Veggies Options

It would be great if you can choose vertical plants for small space. But in case you choose root plants or other plants that grow expansively, then it’s okay. Here are some of your options for the best small garden vegetables.

1. Lemons
Lemon Tree Via

You can always grow them in your backyard or a small planter. This is especially perfect if you live in a warm-climate area. If you have tons of light, you can even plant the trees. Such thing as Meyers lemon trees can also be planted indoor. Just make sure that the soil stays moist and the trees receive direct sunlight – at least getting the plenty of light for 8 hours each day.

2. Tomatoes

Tomato Plant Via

Don’t you love how flexible a tomato is? You can eat it straight away, mash it to a sauce, or even toss it to salads. Not to mention that they also come in various sizes. Feel free to grow big tomatoes in a container vertically or choose the tomato cherries for the hanging plants. Tomatoes generally grow quite fast.

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3. Lettuce
Lettuce via

This is another veggie that can produce the crop in 45 days. And it has a lot of variants too. Just don’t damage the crown and they should be able to grow again. Leaf lettuce includes mesclun, red sails, and also oak leaf. You can use the container garden or grow it indoors. Just make sure that you know the right time to plant it.

4. Squash
Squash via

As one of the best small garden vegetables, squash is nice and beneficial. However, if you don’t manage it well, the squash will dominate and take over the garden – every inch of it. That’s why it is advisable to grow the squash vertically, so it will grow nicely. It should be able to produce a lot of harvest without creating a havoc in the small garden. 

5. Herbs
One of herbs, parsley, Via

Indeed you won’t be able to survive completely on herbs only. However, if you want to produce tasty and palatable dishes, herbs should be included in your small garden. Growing herbs isn’t complicated or difficult at all. It is one of the easiest. You can grow them outdoor, starting from spring to autumn. Or you can have them indoor during the winter.

So, what kinds of herbs that you should grow? Again, it goes back to your personal preferences (consult the section of Important Things to Remember). Grow things that you like. Basil is a common herb that is not complicated to grow. Cilantro, parsley, or chives are also great options for your herb garden.

6. Shallots and Garlic
Shallots Via

They are parts of onion (Allium) family. Growing shallot, for a starter, is pretty easy. You only need to plant an immature bulb into the soil and it will produce 5 to 6 shallots. They can be quite pricey at shops. They can store well in winter too. in short, shallots are quite convenient and even fun to grow. You can start seed it in the early January to April, and the harvest would be ready in the late summer.

Garlic has the same planting easiness as the shallots. You only need to plant a clove and it should grow into one whole bulb. You can also store garlic pretty well and easily. You can plant it in winter or autumn, or even in the beginning of spring time. And then the harvest would be ready by late summer. 

7. Eggplant
Eggplant Vegetable Via

Try growing small-fruited eggplant varieties. Eggplant is one of the the most trustworthy veggies for a small garden.

Just as petite cherry tomatoes, oriental eggplants have a slender shape and grow easier in pots compared to varieties with huge fruits—which means eggplants are the most popular types for gardens.

These vegetables are perfect for heartier meals. Add them to hearty stews, or sauté them as a side dish, and you can also find some inspiring eggplant recipes on Youtube.

Keep do best soil moisture, considering to use mulch to keep soil moist, warm, and to keep weeds down. Water regularly, especially when the eggplants are young so that they develop deep roots.

There are still more of the best small garden vegetables – just make sure that you do the research well.