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Benefits and Disadvantages of Using cooking oil

Foodstuff Oil Mostly derived from plants. Oil can be derived from animals such as fish oil, tallow (oil from cows) and lard (oil from pig). Oil derived from animals, are solid at room temperature, so that little trouble in handling when will be used as frying media. Advantages oil derived from animals is more stable against heating, because many contain saturated fatty acids. Oil derived from plants can be derived from coconut, palm, soy, peanuts, corn etc.. Oil derived from plants are rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic. Unsaturated fatty acids can prevent occurrence arterosclerosis (narrowing of blood vessels). However, besides its function is beneficial for health, oil and grease are often also cause various health problems it can cause various problems, such as obesity, blood vessel blockage, cancer etc.. This assumption is not entirely wrong, and not entirely correct. Necessary knowledge and true in order to take good advantage of the oil and fatty, and can avoid the ill effects of oil and fatty.

Cooking oil is oil that is used as a medium for frying. Cooking oil is sometimes used as another name for food oil. Oil (oil) at room temperature liquid tangible, whereas fatty are solid at room temperature. Oil and fatty is important food ingridient. Oil and fatty calories in addition to providing the greatest value among other nutrients (9 kcal / gram), oil and fat can provide a savory flavor, texture and appearance of food becomes more attractive, and the surface which dry. Oil and fatty is solvent of vitamin A, D, E, and K that our bodies need. Thus the oil and fat have role important for health of the human body.

Utilization of cooking oil as a medium of heat, often many people who do not know how to use cooking oil properly. Various research have been carried out by researchers, which proves the negative impact of cooking oil which is used repeatedly until the color is brownish black. Not only traders, street vendors which often used cooking oil repeatedly, even in the family kitchen often without realizing we used cooking oil is repeatedly with reasons saving. Cooking oil that has been repeatedly heated will be damaged and called waste cooking oil.

During the frying process, must use very high temperatures >160 oC. In this temperature unsaturated fatty acids will oxidize, and possible disposition form of geometry unsaturated fatty acids (double bonds) which previously shaped sis will be the trans. According to the results of research the trans oil is not good for body health. Since the 90's, in America every cooking oil labels must list trans-free oil. Thus, unsaturated fatty acids that had been beneficial for the health of the body, because the handling do not good can actually cause harm (loss). If we look into the habits of Indonesian people, like the repeated use of cooking oil and even the color of cooking oil was being changed to blackish brown. Their reasons vary, but generally due for make savings. Moreover, ironically, the state of Indonesia as the second largest oil exporter in the world, but the soaring price of cooking oil is very high. Thus, handling and use of cooking oil should be properly known by the whole society. after we post this article, we will discuss about the notion of cooking oil, all kinds of cooking oil, cooking oil quality, causes destruction of cooking oil, tips on using cooking oil, and ways to recycle waste cooking oil which very simple.