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Crystallization and Polymorphism on Fatty

Fatty and oil are one source of energy for life. In processing foodstuff, oil and fatty to function as a medium conductor of heat, such as cooking oil, shortening (white butter), fat (lard), butter, and margarine. One of the physio-chemical properties of fats and oils are experiencing the crystallization and polymorphic nature.

In some food products and even at some moment of processing, control of lipid crystallization is essential to obtain the desired size distribution, polymorph, and the dispersion into crystalline phase. In most foods, the crystallization of triglycerides is the most important thing, though sometimes other crystallization lipid, ie monoacylglycerols, diacylglycerols, phospholipids, etc. may also be important to maintain product quality.

Crystallization is the process of formation of solid material from deposition solution, melt (melt mixed), or more rarely a direct deposition from the gas. Crystallization is also a chemical separation technique between solid-liquid, where there is mass transfer (mass transfer) from dissolved substances (solutes) from the liquid solution into a solid crystalline phase. Crystallization is the formation of a crystalline from solutes in solution tolerance. Crystallization can occur as the formation of solid particles in a vapor as in the formation of snow as the freezing of molten liquid. Just as role in the formation of crystals from liquid solutions or the formation of large single crystals. Crystallization can be carried out by cooling, evaporation, and the addition of a chemical solvent. Crystallization can separate a particular mixture of multi-component solution in order to get the product in crystalline form. Crystallization can also be used as one way of purification because it is more economical.

Polymorphism (polymorphism) in fat and oil is a situation where there is more from one crystalline form. Polymorphism often found in several components that have a long carbon chain, and the separation of the crystals are very difficult. However, for some components, the shape from the crystals can already be known. Polymorphism is important to study the melting point of the oil or fatty, and fatty acids and their esters. To next polymorphism has an important role in various processes to get the oil or fat.