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Fertilizing and Pest Control Machinery

Fertilizing machinery is a kind of machinery used to fertilizing plants on a farm. While, pest control machinery is a kind of machinery used to controlling pest on a farm. Both of this machinery mostly spread machinery, because fertilizing and pest control machinery have a function, i.e can to spray plant on farm.

Broadcast Spreader
A broadcast seeder (broadcast spreader) is a farm implement commonly used for spreading seed, lime, fertilizer, sand, ice melt, etc., and is an alternative to drop spreaders/seeders.
Use a broadcast spreader for your lawn and garden to spread seed and fertilizer
  1. Read the label of the seed or fertilizer package to find the recommend setting for the speed rate gauge on your broadcast spreader.
  2. Conduct a test run on a clean driveway or sidewalk.
  3. Notice how wide your broadcast spreader spreads.
  4. Measure to see how much square footage was applied with the material.
  5. Sweep the area of the material and collect to reuse. Do not wash it out onto your lawn, garden or street.
  6. Fill your broadcast spreader with the recommended amount for the area you want to cover
A sprayer is a piece of equipment that spray nozzles to apply herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers to agricultural crops. for example: Rogator Spraying Corn applying pesticide to a corn field.

Manure Spreader

A manure spreader or muck spreader or honey wagon is an agricultural machine used to distribute manure over a field as a fertilizer.

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