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Selecting Seeds of Good Quality

The selection of the best planting material is basic to good crop production practices. The role of seedling is crucial for the advancement of agriculture. Good seeds have a high growing ability, can grow simultaneously, are of a good quality and always available as well. The use of good seeds is essential to promote the food security program and also develop agro-industries. Good seeds must be consistently used and its supply in the community should be guaranteed in both quality and continuity. In order to produce quality seed, a good drying is needed. Although the sun light is available abundantly, in the rainy season, a drying machine is still required to maintain the quality, quantity and continuity of good seeds.

Quality seed must be high in germination, relatively free from insect or mechanical damage, pure for the crop variety, and contain little or no inert matter or weed seeds. For maximum profit quality seed must be used in conjunction with good cultural practices, correct fertilizer rates, and adequate control of plant pests.

There are several factors to consider when selecting the seed type to plant in the crop production unit as follows:
  1. Fertilizer requirements on improved seed will be higher than for native lines
  2. Save their own seed shall be the one saved from cropping season to next by the farmer
  3. Seed storage and handling.