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Kubota Pendulum Spreaders - The Kubota Pendulum VS-series spreaders are reliable, easy to operate and have a maximum accuracy in fertilizer application. With an optimized frame shape, a glass fiber re-inforced polyester hopper, stainless steel metering discs, and a unique Duracoat corrosion resistant paint, these Kubota Pendulum VS-spreaders are built for a long service life.

The features of Kubota Pendulum Spreaders

The pendulum movement of the spout ensures that the application rate is always identical on both sides. This results in a symmetric spreading pattern and an excellent overlap.
All VS spreading can be controlled either manually, hydraulically or electrically. The plastic scale on the spreading unit allows continuous adjustment of the application rate in lb per acre, so the risk of spreading errors is minimal. Using the spreading table and the dial you can determine the desired quantity of fertilizer for every spreading width and forward speed.

Ideal for spreading granule materials with maximum precision and ease of operation — Kubota's versatile VS220 pendulum spreaders feature a 42" wide hopper with 485 lbs. capacity (7.8ft3) expandable up to 730 lbs. (11.7ft3) with optional extension rim.

Kubota's VS400 pendulum spreader evenly distributes granule materials with a sizable 57" wide, 880 lbs. capacity hopper (14.1 ft3) to let you get more done between fill stops. Add the optional extension rim to increase hopper capacity to 1,100 lbs. (17.7 ft3).

Efficient, multifunction spreading in narrow places: Kubota's VS400VITI features a 45" hopper width especially designed for orchards, vineyards and other close quarters. Features a 35" fill height and 880 lbs. hopper capacity (14.1 ft3)

Bring maximum spreading quality and ease of operation to every job. Kubota's VS600 spreads granule materials with efficiency and precision — featuring a 60" wide, 1,300 lbs. (21.2 ft3) capacity hopper with optimal 38" filling height. Requires a 35 PTO HP tractor.