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UAV Drones for Bird Control - UAV drones have been used for bird control for years. There are two drone products that control the behavior of birds, namely BirdXpeller and ProHawk drone. UAV Drones for Bird Control is a sonic bird repeller and remote-controlled predator replica in one.This little remote-controlled number gives birds a “terrifying visual scare” combined with realistic audio of predator birds and the distress calls of geese and other species that leverages birds instinctive fears against them to modify their behavior. Morever, UAV Drones for Bird Control creates a terrifying physical presence to pest birds further mimicking a predator bird in order to keep birds from creating dangerous situations, making this the most effective device on the market.

Scarecrows and other visually intimidating props placed on the ground can be useful in preventing birds within a certain radius, but one corporate is looking further afield by counter the pests in the sky. Designed to resemble a real-life bird of prey, UAV Drones for Bird Control can be programmed to autonomously fly over a property and emit menacing predatory cries as it goes.

The first product is the Bird-X’s BirdXPeller
Bird remote control company Bird-X has been in the bird control game for more than 50 years, and the newly released ProHawk UAV is not the first time it has turned to the skies for its novel approach. In 2011 it launched BirdXPeller, a remote controlled aircraft that blasts bird-repelling sounds during flight to scare pests away from golf courses, vineyards and crops.

NEW PATENTED technology

    Predator replica with remote control
    Repels pest birds, geese and other wildlife
    Design and markings creates visual scare
    Sonic device emits natural sounds of hawk cries and bird distress calls
    Conditions pests to stay away permanently
    Various designs available

Swooping down from the sky, UAV Drones for Bird Control as it projects the recorded alert and alarm calls of the wild Canada goose and other species such as blackbirds, seagulls, and starlings.

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Product Details
  •     Remote-Controlled Predator Drone
  •     Combines Drone Movement with Sonic Bird Repeller
  •     Various Designs Available
  •     Eliminates Bird Problems
  •     Weight: 800 g
  •     Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 150 mm

The Second Product is ProHawk drone

And now, there is an even more high tech solution; Bird-X announces an anti-bird ProHawk drone, which this corporate claims is the first drone of its class made specifically for bird control. The ProHawk™ UAV combines a sonic bird repeller with the latest in drone technology for agriculture.

Dennis Tilles, President of Bird-X, said “After an extensive period of research and development (R and D), the testing phase is finally complete and the new drone is available for sale,”.

The ProHawk anti-bird drone was set by using a GPS flight path included software, selecting the altitude, distance; the autonomous flight feature minimizes the man hours required for typical bird control. The product can also be controlled with a remote control.

It would seem to be a brilliant solution for airports trying to keep birds away from passenger aircraft – if only the drones themselves could be integrated into the flight plans.

Fitted with GPS, the ProHawk UAV can be programmed to follow a specific flight path along waypoints and features a built-in sonic sound unit. This device stores a range of predator calls, prey bird distress cries and Canada goose cries, which are emitted en route to clear the area of unwanted pests.

With a body crafted from carbon fiber, Bird-X says the the drone has been designed in part to mimic the appearance of a real-life predator bird, further adding to its ability to leave terrified smaller birds running for cover.

The ProHawk UAV can be purchased now as an ongoing maintenance contract from Bird-X, with contacts details available via the source link.
  •       Autonomous Flight or Remote Controlled Predator Drone
  •       The Latest Bird Control Technology
  •       Saves Hours of Labor and Thousands of Dollars
  •       Maximum Bird Control Effectiveness
The first drone of its product made specifically for bird control. The ProHawk® UAV unites a sonic bird repeller with the latest autonomous flight GPS technology and design. Patented design, Made in USA. The first drone of its product made specifically for bird control Fully Autonomous Flight (once programmed, simply set unit outside and hit start - unit will launch, patrol, and land on its own) Set "waypoints" to perfectly customize patrol areas via GPS technology Terrifying physical presence is heightened by sonic predator sounds Camera options available Professional-grade cabon fiber construction.