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MMC F4 Agriculture UAV Drone for Sale

MMC F4 Agriculture Drone is launched! This MMC F4 Agriculture Drone is a high performance UAV capable of offering comprehensive solutions for monitoring in crop and livestock, agriculture remote sensing, plant pollination and pesticide spraying. MMC F4 has plans to use a drone to survey crops that can be used for research, analyzed, and sold to farmers. The MMC F4 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) can fly by remote control or automatically using MMC’s GPS Waypoint navigation software.

The MMC F4 Agriculture UAV Drone is priced USD $1,450 - 5,500/Set. This is the best agricultural drone you can get near you, in a price range accessible to everyone.

The MMC F4 Agriculture UAV Drone of a carbon fiber body Aviation CNC aluminum and achieves 22 minutes of flying time of without any payload and with the full load of 10kg it remains 10 minutes in air.

Due to its build rain, snow and dust do pose a problem for this aerial vehicle. Sunny and cloudy conditions are the recommend for operating this drone. The ultra-lightweight robust and solid carbon fiber body enables the MMC F4 Agriculture UAV Drone to reach an operating height of some 4,500 meters.

 MMC F4 Agriculture UAV Drone latest new agriculture drone frame fixed wing uav companies

  • The fuselage of the drone uses one-time forming of all carbon fiber technology F4 latest new agriculture tool project agriculture sprayer for the latest new agriculture drone
  • Agriculture UAV designed with fireproof, rainproof and dustproof
  • Extremely light weight, maximum capacity of up to 20 kg
  • Plug structure design with tapered arm, convenient replacement and maintenance
  • Loose connection design patent, assembly and disassembly without tool
  • High stability power device, dynamic power redundancy 
  • GPS hover, pointing flight and automatic route flight function
  • Four models of pesticide sprayer, electric Power, and Forest Fire Fighting. 

Key Specifications/Special Features:


F4 is MMC's newest research agriculture UAV as crop sprayer with exclusive intelligent pesticide control system. It is specially designed for professional or farmers use and super easy to fly. Its plug structure make it convenient  for transportation. It can be assembled and disassembled without tool, making it an ideal equipment for farmers.


  • Model:    F4 
  • Size Size: 2000(L)*1200(W)*400mm(H)
  • Rotor length: 410mm
  • Material:  Carbon fiber 
  • Weight:  9KG
  • Max. Takeoff weight 22.6KG
  • Max. Load 10L
  • Light load endurance  >=16 Minutes
  • Max. flight Altitude  1KM
  • Battery 16000mAh 
  • Maximum operating Radius  2KM
  • Maximum take-off height above sea level  4500m
  • Spraying Efficiency ≥20acres(8 Hectares) / hour
  • Spraying Scope ≥3.0 meter
  • Anti-wind <10m/s (6 level)
  • Hover accuracy  Horizontal ±1.5m, Vertical  ±0.5m
  • Max. cruising speed 9m/s

Pricing information can be collected in several ways to help you get the reference price of MMC F4 Agriculture UAV Drone and determine the best price product. Overseas distributors and agents of similar products of equivalent quality are one source. Also, traveling to the country where the drones will be sold provides an excellent opportunity to gather pricing information.

How to pick the right Agriculture UAV Drone for the right land

There's a lot of work needed to make your rural area a reality. A new, helpful book called "Your Buyer's Guide" will assist you in successfully managing your farm land. We offer this price and spec collection of MMC F4 Agriculture UAV Drone to users so they can plug in our pricing without needing to contact us for a quote on every Agriculture Drone.