DJI Drone NDVI Camera Kit Applied to Farming

The NDVI Camera Unit is a custom NDVI camera for the DJI drone platforms. Upgrade your current platform into an NDVI crop scouting device instantly by simply switching out the standard DJI Camera and Gimbal Unit with the modified NDVI camera for the DJI Unit.

Today we're talking about our all-new NDVI camera unit. What this is. This is a custom NDVI camera that we can install on your DJI Phantom 3 and 4 or DJI Inspire one with the X3 camera. What this let's you do is you're going to swap out your existing Phantom 4 camera and gimbal and install an NDVI camera for your drone applied to farming. The NDVI camera unit uses the original sensor and image capturing hardware but what we do is we modify the camera to filter solely red and NIR waves in an effort to maximize capability for a broad range of agriculture uses. NDVI is normalized difference vegetation index. It's calculated from the visible and near-infrared light reflected by vegetation healthy vegetation absorbs most of the visible light that hits it and reflects a large portion of the afraid like unhealthy vegetation reflects more visible light and less near and frayed life. Double band NDVI imaging gives you many of the same benefits of multispectral imaging without the need for large and expensive equipment. This filter easily lets you see where vegetation is thriving and is not. The NDVI filter captures reflected near in frayed light and red light that is mostly absorbed by claims by post-processing the captured images. You can apply a color gradient that shows a contrast between healthy and non healthy vegetation. The afraid light will show up in the camera's blue channel in the red light will show up in the camera's red trim making. It very easy to separate process for NDVI. The great thing about the NDVI camera kit it keeps your DJI drone functional and easy to use.

Upgrade your current platform into an NDVI drone instantly, using DJI's exchangable gimbal design. This NDVI camera conversion is also available with all of Combo Kits at a discounted price, or as an individual item if you already own a Inspire 1 or Matrice 100.

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