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Crop Scouting: Definition, Using Apps and Drones for Crop Scouting

Nowadays, the farming method has greatly changed. Mostly, we won’t find the manual method in many aspects of farming. Now, almost all aspects of farming use technology. One of the best examples for this condition is the crop scouting. So, to understand more about this technology innovation for crop scouting, below we have Apps and Drones for Crop Scouting explanation that quickly know where problem areas are and how overall crop health is doing. All you can use as reference.

What is Crop Scouting?

Crop scouting, also known as field scouting, is the process to scout or monitoring a crop field while making frequent stops for observations. The farmer does it in order to see their crop condition. Is it in good condition and has the best chance to produce a good harvest? Is there any pest attack? And, a farmer can see how different areas of his or her field are growing.

There are many different methods of crop scouting, namely traditional methods and technological innovations. Traditional methods can include walking through the field and observing plants manually. While using technology to aid crop scouting, the aim is to intelligently manage your farms that records all of your scouting data on your mobile device without the hassle of paperwork. One of them is the drones and apps to control it.

The Apps and Drones for Crop Scouting

There are many companies that create apps and even special drone to scout your crops, such as Skippy Scout by Drone AG from the U.K., or Aeroview InField by Aerobotics. The drone can help you to monitor the crops faster and easier in comparison to actually getting out in the field and doing the reconnoissance work manually. One of them is Parrot Disco-Pro AG drone. This drone has been specially designed with small and medium-sized farms in mind to scout for new developments on the land and see how crops are doing. This comes as a far simpler option and provides time-saving benefits. This system also allows you to save more budgets, because you don’t need to hire too many people to monitor your crops.

This system works really simple. The app usually allows you to create a schedule and route where the drone should fly and find about the pest or crop condition. Once you enter the command, the drone will automatically follow that order. Yes, it is just as simple as that. Once the drone finished the route, it will send you the high-resolution data that you can use to determine what you have to do about the scouted area.

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This system even allows you to make a schedule, so your drone can do it regularly. Now, you just need to wait at your home to get the result. Or, you also can use your time for other useful activities. Moreover, with the drone, you are scouting your crops for signs of potential issues to produce high-resolution maps of fields. It can help you better understand the potential for damage from lack of rainfall, pests, disease, and weeds. So, you can deal with it faster before it getting worse and affect the other good crops surrounding it.