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Hanhe Aviation Agricultural UAV Sprayer

With the progress of technology, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which used to cost millions of dollars are now flying into farmlands, mapping and spraying the crops. It has become farmers important assistant. Wuxi Hanhe Aviation Technology Co.Ltd. is quietly leading this industry and thus creates a whole new era of Agriculture.

In 1997, Mr. Shen Jianwen  founded Hanhe Aviation, until now it has been 20 years of brand history. Over the years Hanhe has accumulated and grown into a national top UAV research and development team. They keep uphold excellence meticulous craftsmen spirit, always focus on R&D production and applications. The company continuously keeps on improvement and innovation in technology.

They use their action to write an entrepreneurs textbook for the UAV industry in China. In the year of 2008, Hanhe aviation became the first company to develop the agricultural UAV in China. In the year of 2010, Hanhe Aviation introduced China's first agricultural UAV. Later, it gradually becomes the pioneer and leader of the agricultural UAV industry in China.

Service and Quality Orientation

As China's earliest company which has the concept to combine UAV with farm chemical spray. Hanhe Aviation soon enters agricultural plant protection industry and persistently promotes into this area by UAV in China. After 7 years of in-depth research and practical application, the company has cooperated with Chinese agricultural ministry, large farms, agricultural machinery dealers, agricultural materiel groups, and the plant protection stations to establish wide range of contacts and deep communications. Hanhe Aviation makes a great impetus for the development of agricultural UAV in China. Till now, the company has provided spraying services by UAV and HernĂ¡n, Anhui, Shandong, Inner mongolia, and other large agricultural provinces. The service area has reached to hundreds of thousands of hectares. Now, the UAV institution under Hanhe Aviation owns the core technology of electromechanical integration. The number of patents reach over 70 including 23 inventions covering the engineering various aspects of UAV technology, ranks number one in agricultural UAV field in China. Besides the agricultural application, its UAV products for other applications have been supplied to national key laboratories. It is also widely used for pipeline inspection, pest and disease monitoring etc. The products have been exported to America, Russia Chile, Australia, Estonia, Brazil and South Korea, etc.

Roma wasn't built in one day. it takes years of hard working. Now with the rise of new agricultural bodies like agricultural cooperatives and family farms featuring intelligent, high efficient, and energy-saving. The agricultural UAV has become a necessity in agricultural development. More and more UAVs from Hanhe Aviation have been used in vast farmland of China. Hanhe Aviation pushes the course of Chinese agricultural mechanization, intellectualization and keeps improving  the situation of lack of labor force in rural area. At the same time they promote the development of precision agriculture for the world.