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2018 New Holland Boomer 50 Price for Sale

We're here today to talk about the New Holland Boomer 50 compact tractor. This is a 50 horsepower tractor. It's mainly targeted towards the landscapers, large estate owners, and maybe even some small agricultural applications. This tractor here is a hydrostatic unit meaning that you have a pedal for forward and reverse that you depress, it's inside the cab. But, it makes it very good for loader applications because it's quick response time to go forward and reverse. And the price is around $30,087 for 2018 shuttle ROPS, and $37,296 for 2018 hydro cab.

One of the key features about this tractor is also its warranty. New Holland Tractor is backed by the Boomer guard 6 year warranty, has 2 year bumper-to-bumper followed up by 4 year worth of powertrain on the tractor. So for satisfaction for a long time on the tractor, no need to worry about your investment. As we look at the tractor here, maintenance is very easy on this tractor. Push-button hood, opens up, gets you to all of our service points on the tractor, our air filter our engine oil fill and check is all on the tractor, radiator up front to clean it out. So very simple and service maintenance points battery upfront if you ever get a dead battery need to jump something. It's right there easy access on the tractor one piece fold up hood on a gas strut. The Boomer cab tractor is equipped with a great deluxe lighting package. You have your 4 front headlights molded into the hood. And then you also have your cab work lights up on the top along with your hazards and four wheels on the tractor as well.

On the rear of our tractor here, we have our deluxe three-point hitch with adjustable Lincoln's, telescopic stabilizer bars on both sides, and top link. We have this tractors equipped with two sets of rear remotes. The tractor has incredible hydraulic power it's equipped with two pumps, a steering and implement, a steering pump and then an implement pump. So you will never lose hydraulics when operating the tractor. You have your standard 540 power take-off on the tractor. And again continuing the deluxe lighting package, you have 2 cab mounted work lights along with a rear wiper as well.

And it's really hot. So let's get in that air-conditioned cab. We're here inside the New Holland Boomer 50 in this luxurious spacious cabin as you can see there's tons of glass around for visibility. We have a great suspension seat in the cab that is weight adjustment. We have a tilt steering wheel on the machine. We have our throttle located up on the dash. You have cruise control on the unit right up on the dash as well. As we come back through on our right. We have our three ranges of travel. We have 1, 2, 3 and then it's traveled off the hydro pedal pushing down on it. We also have a loader joystick next to us here to control all the functions of the loader. As we continue on back through you can see the layout of the cab is very consumer friendly. The next stick raises and lowers our three-point hitch. And our next two back control are two rear hydraulic remotes on this particular unit. When our post over here is all our lights and wipers for your convenience and then up in the top left hand corner is our climate control with our air conditioning and heat.

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To drive this tractor, the first thing we do is we need to take off the parking brake, which is located over on our right hand side, so we take the brake off. We're going to put it in first range which would be over here on our right and then we have our go pedal down here. And as we depress on the pedal. The harder we press the faster. we go so we're able to take this tractor from literally a crawl up to approximately about 18 mile an hour for going down the road. So it really works well and in loader application because you can toggle forward and backward with just the push of the pedal from going forward and reverse. So it makes it really easy to control the tractor. so as we go through you can see some of the maneuverability with the tractor. The tractor turns incredibly tight. We can almost turn around inside the dimensions of ourselves of the tractor. So as we continue here to making or loop.

Some other features on this tractor is a four-wheel drive tractor. Our four-wheel drive engagement is down here on the floor. We just lift up to put it in four-wheel, push it down to put it in two-wheel drive, very convenient.

  • Capacity:
ROPS Fuel: 10.5 gal [39.7 L]
Cab Fuel: 12.4 gal [46.9 L]
  • 3-Point Hitch:
Rear Type:    I
Control: position control
Rear lift (at ends): 2756 lbs [1250 kg]
Rear lift (at 24"/610mm): 2116 lbs [959 kg]
Rear Arms: telescoping draft links
  • Power Take-off (PTO):
Rear PTO: independent
Clutch: electro-hydraulic
Rear RPM: 540 (1.375)

  • Dimensions & Tires:
Weight: 3424 to 4194 pounds
Front tire: 9.5x16
Rear tire: 13.6-24