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Farm Machinery Insurance: Cost, Types, Best Company, and Tips for Choosing

What is farm machinery insurance prices – What are the best types of farm machinery insurance company and learn how you can avoid the most common mistakes that individuals have made when looking to purchase a farm machinery insurance.

Purchasing around for any kind of insurance can be a painful process. Farm machinery insurance is no different. Fortunately, as long as you know how to obtain the best quotes, it will not be as stressful of a situation as it could be. As you purchase, in fact, you will be pleased with the rates you are able to obtain without the need to skimp on your coverage. Here are some useful tips for saving on your agricultural equipment insurance during the process of purchasing around.

The first tip is to know what kind of coverage you will be looking for. The most basic kinds of agricultural machinery insurance coverage will be offered at lower prices. Therefore, if you are simply looking for farm machinery insurance so that you can operate the farm machinery on the road legally, you may want to look for the least expensive options. However, there are other factors to consider for choosing insurance company, such as obtaining coverage that will be more useful for you in case an accident does occur. Particularly if you are the bad driver driving the tractor of course your rates are going to be much higher, you will want more comprehensive farm machinery insurance to offer you the coverage you need when you need it most.

Next, you need to recognize the various places you can look for the best farm machinery insurance. Many people purchase online today because it is the most convenient. This is a good idea, at least to get you started, because it gives you an idea of going rates and prevents you from needing to make a great deal of calls or drive around town. Once you get an idea of what provider you would like to buy from, it may be in your best interest to call up the office and talk to a representative. By doing this, you can sometimes haggle the insurance price down to an even more affordable rate.

Last, you must compare and contrast all of your available options for farm machinery insurance. It will not do to choose a single insurance company and look at their insurance options alone. It may take you more time to conduct comparison purchasing techniques, but the money you can save over the lifetime of the coverage could be huge. Be sure as you purchase around that you provide truthful information in all categories of insurance to get the most accurate quotes.

Best Farm Insurance Companies

Insuring a farm machinery can be tricky because of the wide range of coverage options, depending on your unique situation. Whether you’re a full-time farmer, hobbyist, or business owner, you can find the most affordable farm machinery insurance rates by comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies.

Farm equipment is one of a farmer’s biggest investments. Sometimes the biggest. That’s why farm tractor insurance, combine harvester insurance and other agricultural machinery insurance are so important to your operation.

Top Farm Machinery Insurance: Agrichoice, H&H Insurance Brokers, HSB Insurance, and Programmed Insurance Brokers are some of the best farm machinery insurance.

1. AgriChoice Farm Insurance

AgriChoice automatically enables you to insure tractors and all agricultural equipment for special causes of loss. It means reasons for damage are typically covered, unless specifically excluded in the policy. AgriChoice tractor insurance policy will also cover:
  • Tractors
  • Combine harvesters
  • Planters
  • Small and big farm sprayers
  • Cotton pickers/harvesters
  • Hay rakes
  • Field equipment
  • Farm office equipment
  • Portable irrigation equipment
  • Portable fences and structures
  • Tools and supplies
  • GPS equipment
In addition to causes that may immediately come to mind, such as fire, lightning and wind, AgriChoice Insurance provides coverage for:
  • Damage during towing and hitching
  • Contact with the roadbed or ground
  • Cab glass coverage, with no deductible
  • Foreign object damage
  • Borrowed machinery
  • Rented or leased tractors or other equipment

2. H&H Insurance Brokers

H&H Insurance Brokers is a specialist farm vehicle insurance that enables farmers to insure tractor, combine harvester or any other farm machinery. If you are a land owner or smallholder who owns farm vehicles, the Farm vehicle policy may be the sensible option for you.

Key Farm Vehicle Insurance Policies

If you are a land owner or smallholder who owns one tractor or vehicle which is kept on your own land, H&H Insurance Brokers may be the sensible option for you. Agricultural Motor Policy covers the following key features:
  • Cover for all Farm Vehicles
Cover for your agricultural, commercial and private vehicles on the same policy, ensuring less paperwork and one single renewal date
  • Type of Cover
Choose from Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only cover
  • Trailed Implements
Automatic cover for trailers and/or implements whilst attached and detached (Subject to all vehicles insured comprehensive. Limits apply)

This cover isn’t restricted to a tractor vehicle only but may include other vehicles ie:

  • Excavators
  • Forklift Trucks
  • JCB/Diggers
  • Combine Harvesters
  • Forage Harvesters
  • Telehandlers

3. HSB Insurance

Equipment is more indispensable than ever to farms. Yet many farms have zero insurance protection when equipment breaks down. Now HSB is making farm equipment breakdown insurance easier to access and more affordable for farm owners by helping other insurance companies automatically package equipment breakdown coverage in their farmowners policies.

Coverage Summary
Farmowners equipment breakdown coverage pays for losses such as:
  • Direct physical damage to covered equipment occurring on or off of a covered location
  • Lost farm income arising from a covered breakdown
  • Additional costs to clean-up and dispose of hazardous substance when a covered breakdown results in contamination
  • Additional costs to limit loss and speed recovery
  • Loss value of spoiled products and materials due to breakdown to covered equipment
  • Extra expense to purchase replacement energy after a covered loss to electrical generating equipment including loss of utility credits and government renewable energy credit.
Equipment breakdown covers risks standard farmowners policies don’t:
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Electrical short circuits and undetectable circuitry impairment
  • Centrifugal force
  • Boiler overheating, cracking and bulging
  • Pressure vessel bulging cracking and collapse
Equipment breakdown covers a wide range of equipment including stationary farm machinery, engines and motors and mobile farm implements and implement electronics. Examples of covered equipment:
  • Well pumps for irrigation and farm animal water supply
  • Generators to power farm machinery and for back-up power
  • Farm refrigeration units
  • Boilers and pressure vessels
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation systems
  • Farm water heaters
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Computers, GPS and electronic equipment for precision farming
  • Farm implements and external electronics used to operate implements while in operation
Embedded Coverage and Services

HSB offers customized farm equipment breakdown insurance and services designed to be integrated within insurers’ farmowners products. By insuring a portfolio of business HSB makes equipment breakdown coverage more affordable than individually underwritten policies.

HSB Insurance offers the following advantages to farm insurers:
  • Product Differentiation - HSB’s customized farm equipment breakdown insurance product can differentiate your farmowners' product from competitors.
  • Risk Free Income - HSB fully reinsures equipment breakdown loss as stated in the treaty. So the ceding commission farm insurers retain is risk free income.
  • Affordable Premiums - By including equipment breakdown coverage as a standard element in farmowners' policies, farm insurers can broaden coverage while keeping premiums competitive.
  • Simplicity and Economy - Automatically including equipment breakdown coverage eliminates the need for individual account transactions and reduces handling costs for insurers and their agents.
  • Valued Coverage - Modern farms have a substantial investment in equipment and their income is very dependent upon it. Including equipment breakdown coverage is a valued addition that meets farm owners changing needs.


Programmed Insurance Brokers Inc have all the tools and services to help farmers minimize risk so they can focus on their day to day farming operations. PIB can be applied to a small hobby farm or large cash crop or livestock farm that provide insurance protection, risk management and financial advice.
  • Dwellings, Outbuildings
  • Livestock, Produce
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Loss of Farm Income
  • Farm Liability and Umbrella
  • Pollution Liability