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4 Recommended Farming Game Apps You Should Try

Do you like the farming game, like Harvest Moon that you can play on a game console? Actually, you don’t need a game console to play the farming game. Nowadays, you can find many Farming game apps available for your mobile gadget. Just download them and play it whenever you want. Here, we have 4 best farming game that you can play on your gadget.

Hay Day

This is one of the famous farming games for a mobile gadget. You play as a farmer and own a small farm. You can plant many different plants and raise animals there. Whenever you reach a new level, you will unlock new animal and various types of plants seeds. The graphic is beautiful. The character design is also really cute and funny. You won’t get bored playing this game.


This game is a unique combination of a farming game and city building game. Your main income will come from farming. However, you also can build your town in order to attract more people to come, stay or visit the buildings in your town. You also can use your social media to play with your friends. Moreover, you also can use that feature to make a friend in the Township game community.

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Farmville: Tropic Escape

This is one of the Farmville game series. This time, you play as a farm owner on a single island. Basically, the whole island is yours. You can build your farm close to the beach. The main objective of this game is developing a business on that island. Using all the resources you can find on the island, you will have many chances to develop the island in your own way. The graphic is simply amazing. This is another reason why many people love and play this game.

Family Farm Seaside

In this game, you only have one farm and you must use it as effectively as you can. However, this is what makes it interesting and challenging. With so much freedom, you can create any farm that you like. Then, you compete with other player’s farm. This is a free game to download and play. You also can buy several items with real money, if you want to develop faster.

Those are the four best Farming game apps you can try. All of them are free to play the game. So, do not hesitate to download and try them. Guaranteed you will have the best time playing them. Whether you play these four free farming games for the simple joy of making your little farm, each one of these deceptively simple farming games will grow on you. It’s all the fun of running your farm without having to get out of bed.

We tried to point out 4 best exciting farming games and describe what makes these so entertaining. Discuss our top picks in the comments section or suggest your other favorite farming game titles. And if you want us to choose the best one for you, let us say that FarmVille: Tropic Escape gives us the biggest gaming pleasure! Why? It simply offers everything we need – interesting plot, innovative features, alternative landscape and lots of fun! Can you ask for more than that?