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What Tractor Pulling is and How it Works

Have you ever watches the best tractor pulling race? If you haven’t, you are missing one of the most unique races in the world. Tractor pulling, even though we call it a race, isn’t about the speed. So, it isn’t about the one who got to the finish line first. Tractor pulling is a competitive motor sport to determine the strongest machine and the best driver. It is all about power or pulling power precisely.

The Power Competition

The tractor pulling tries to find which tractor that can pull the weight in the furthest distance. Actually, the track length is only 100 meter. However, with the metal sled connected to the tractor, that distance can be considered really far. Without proper power and torque, the tractor won’t be able to move the sled in the longer distance. In the end, it will only stop and even falling back.

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The tractor that can produce 9,000 horsepower isn’t something rare here. In fact, this is the minimum number that your tractor must be able to produce in order to compete with other racers. So, this race is really a race of power. Maybe, you won’t be able to find the similar race that uses that high horsepower. This is what makes this race unique. And, it is worth to watch, if you are a lover for a powerful vehicle.

The Classes
In tractor pulling competition, there are several classes that use the different specification for the vehicle that can participate in it. Here they are:

  • Super Farm Class – one turbocharger, 2800 RPM limit, original tractor engine, and 3.5 tons weight.
  • Under 401 Prostock Class – one turbocharger, 401 cubic inches engine, no RPM limit, and 3.5 tons weight.
  • Prostock Class – one turbocharger, 510 cubic inches engine, original engine block and cylinder head, and 3.5 tons weight.
  • Superstock Class – up to 3 turbochargers, no RPM limit, original engine block, and 3.5 tons weight.
  • 950 kg Modified Class – single-engine machine (950kg of weight). They usually use V8 and even V12 aircraft engine.
  • Modified Class – combination engine, gearboxes, and rear axles, different weight class (2.5, 3.5, and 4.5 tons). This is where you can see the more-than-9000-horsepower engine power.
  • Two Wheel Drive Class – single V8 engine and 2.6 tons of weight.
  • Trucks – use the modified truck and 8.5 tons of weight.

Basically, those are what you need to know about tractor pulling. You just choose the class you want to watch. But, if you want to see the Best tractor pulling, choose the Modified Class for having a chance to see the real tractor monster.