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4 Best Drones for Aerial Mapping You Should Know

A drone for aerial mapping is a drone used to gather as much information about the map of the earth. When you use a drone, you can easily do your survey work through aerial photos that you take. This is because drones are capable of producing high images and low images. So, what recommendations for a drone for aerial mapping can you choose? In this article, you will learn how to choose the best drones of recommendation ever, there are a few things you should consider to choose drones for aerial mapping.

Best Drones for Aerial Mapping You Should Know

Drone DJI Inspire V2

This type of drone is the first drone that you can choose when you decide to use the drone. This type of drone is the latest type of product that can have better capabilities than you decided to choose the V2 type. This drone can fly up to 27 minutes compared to type V1 which is only able to fly for 18 minutes. When you want to buy this drone, the price offered varies, which is around $ 2,700. Although the price is quite expensive, the ability produced is also very good. This is because the video obtained from V2 has successfully used Zenmuse X5S and Apple ProRes Activation. There's even a DNG Cinema that can give you freedom in processing images properly.

AirMapper V290 & FDS Nimbus

This type of drone is one of the types of drones that you can make as drones for aerial mapping. What you need to know is that this drone has a V290 air mapper specification which can do multi-platforms with wing configuration and also take off. The advantage of this drone is that it can fly for up to 1 hour more even in tight spaces.

AirMapper X8

This skywalker X8 is one type of drone that you can choose from. The specifications of this drone are wings that have a size of more than 2000 mm with a weight of 2.5 kg. It has strong wind resistance to make it fly more stable and and long flight duration, along with the ability to carry large battery payloads. When equipped with a professional navigational platform, this will make it easier for you to do image or video image processing that you can do. The price is $303.00 tax excl.

Drone DJI Phantom Pro

You can choose this type of drones for mapping because this drone is capable of flying for quite a long time for 30 minutes using 1 battery. Besides, this drone is also supported by the ability of a camera that has a high resolution of 20Mp. This type of drone is the best drone and you can make a recommendation for you to make a flight that is quite long up to 30 minutes and reaches the area you need.

How to operate DJI Phantom 4 Pro, please read this article about guiding to use Phantom 4 Pro and its features and how control your drone using the DJI Go 4 App for Android and IOS.

How to Choose the Drone for Aerial Mapping

The drone is a device to capture an image in the air through the spectrum of light. Drones are usually used to map a place to get the right data through sensors generated from drones. Then, how do you choose the best drones for aerial mapping? This guide will explain the features you need to look for and recommend some of the best models that choose a drone for aerial mapping currently.

When you use the camera and sensors installed through your drone, you can easily get the light obtained through the electromagnetic spectrum. Usually, when you want to choose drones for aerial mapping, you are required to have an infrared or NIR camera that functions to evaluate an image on a plant.

Visible Spectrum (RGB)
RGB is one type of imaging that is often captured and is usually used in the form of surveys and mapping using drones for aerial mapping. The images obtained through imaging are produced through a sensor shaped like a digital camera that is present on most of the available drones. RGB is also included in the color spectrum that is often found in photographs.

Near-Infrared (NIR)
This imaging is often used in agriculture which functions to calculate the level of vegetation in plants. This NIR has a high level of reflection compared to light. Thus, this imaging is very well used to determine the level of chlorophyll in plants.

This image is usually used for drones for aerial mapping in industry, construction, survey, agriculture, and inspection. This image serves as a way to detect thermal levels that exist in a circle so that it can find out the temperature level that exists in the environment through images obtained through drones. Through this imagery, it can be easily analyzed for hot spots so that it will minimize the fire.

The camera is the part that functions to capture an image that exists through the electromagnetic spectrum. Through the camera, you can easily take pictures through your drone. One type of camera that is often used is a rack camera that is often used on types of drones.

A camera also has RGB which functions to capture colors of light such as red, green, or blue in the drones for aerial mapping. This type of camera is very suitable for use on every model of your drone. With RGB, you can easily get images and videos in 2 dimensions with a high level of quality. Besides, RGB is also often used to determine the Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index or what is referred to as VARI to determine the level of health in a plant taken through a drone.

Finally, keep in mind that even though the best drone for aerial mapping might offer the high features according to their function, it might also charge the highest rates. When shopping for a drone, focus on the final price and all features have been explained. To ensure that you've explored every possible aspect, be sure to also peruse 4 best drones for aerial mapping.