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The Many Aspects of Agriculture Drones in Industrial Revolution 4.0

Farmers have started to realize the importance of agriculture drones in Industrial Revolution 4.0 as they can’t handle the increasing demands with manual work only. Drones were originally built for military usages and purposes. But now their functions have expanded greatly. Not only used in military, drones are also used in entertainment as well as agriculture. In fact, agriculture has been the second biggest industry that use drones in their daily operation – the first one is the construction.

Why the Drones in Agriculture?

This is the main question when people start wondering about the usage of drones. Well, drones increase the efficiency and easiness in managing the farm. In Industrial Revolution 4.0, precision farming has become the focus. And drones are able to help achieve such a focus. They help farmers cope with various obstacles and challenges. No more uncertainty – no more guessing. With drones, addressing possible problems will be easier. Not to mention that the drones also help farmers to adapt and adjust to the field condition.

The Functions of Drones

So, what is the function of drones in agriculture? Well, the technology enables the agriculture drones in Industrial Revolution 4.0 to capture and get more accurate information. And it can be done easier and cheaper than the satellites and airplanes. The drones are usually connected to agritech app that can collect data, process it, and deliver it in understandable format.

The drone technology generally includes these logical steps:
  • To indicate flight parameters. It can be used to outline and evaluate the monitored area as well as uploading the GPS information to the (drone) navigation system.
  • To enable autonomous flights. The drone would carry out a flight pattern according to the already established parameters. It will then collect the required and important data.
  • To upload data. The drone will then submit the data for further analysis and processing
  • To gain information output. After data is processed, it would be sent to farmers in understandable format. The report has crucial info that is important for making better decisions related to farm management. 

The Benefits of Agriculture Drones

When everything is considered crucial or important, it means that they can deliver some benefits to the users. And the role agriculture drones in Industrial Revolution 4.0 isn’t different. So what are the benefits?
  • To estimate the soil condition. When farming management is based on data, accurate and precise actions can be made. Farmers are able to decide what to do when they get accurate info about the soil condition. The problem with traditional farming system is that it requires rigorous physical visit and exploration to the field.  With drones (and their sensors), they can collect and produce data in a faster, more efficient, and more precise manner. 
  • To plant future crops. Do you know that drones can also be used to shoot seeds? This method is faster and effortless. No more unnecessary manual labor that can save you time, energy, and also money.
  • To fight pests and infections. Drones can be used to detect fields that are affected by pests, infections, and weeds. They can then deliver the data so farmers can decide their next move. What kinds of solutions will they do? How much chemicals are needed to fight the infestation?
Those are some benefits of agricultural drones that you can gain from the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Feel free to find more once you have done your research.

The Considerations

There are several things to consider when you want to have the drones. First of all, you need to determine your goals. There are different farming activities to do, so which drone to use for a specific task? Second, you need to understand the law. Find out whether drones are legal in your areas. Do you have to register it? What are the security instructions to know when flying the drones?

Be sure to understand this concept thoroughly before you can implement agriculture drones in Industrial Revolution 4.0.