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Vegetable Planting Calendar Importance and Functions

If you are thinking about starting your own veggie garden, knowing the right vegetable planting calendar will definitely help. With this calendar, you’ll know the first and last frost so you understand the most ideal way to plant your veggies.


Understanding Planting Calendar

As the name suggests, a planting calendar is basically a guide telling you of the best time to start planting. Most of these calendars are based on the frost time or frost dates. They would give you the information of when you should start with the seeds – including when to plant outdoors. And as for the vegetable planting calendar, you will have the guidance of knowing how to start to seed – both outdoors and indoors – and when to manage the young plants outdoor.

Basic Planting

You see, you will have to start indoor seeds so the crops can get a head start (of the growing season) as well as giving it the opportunity to grow in a controlled and stable environment. But you will have to move the crops outdoor. How soon you should do it would depend on the types of the plants.

Why not starting outdoor, then? The weather and temperature uncertainty may not be a good starting point for the seeds. The unpredictable sunlight, low and high temperature, drought, rain, diseases, and pests can seriously affect the plants. That’s why you want to start indoor and then move everything outdoor – your harvest can be greater and better.

Although most seeds can be started inside the room, some have better chances of growing outdoor. Root veggies, for example, should be started outdoors. The vegetable planting calendar can help you starting off and decide how fast you should begin. Your growing season and climate will determine how you should start the seed. For instance, in cool areas where the growing seasons are short, knowing which plants to start indoor can give you a good head start. On the other hand, in warm areas with longer (growing) season, you won’t need to start the seed indoor as you can always start them outdoor.

Consulting the Planting Calendar

There are many websites that can help you with the planning. There are even calendars with different zones and areas. For instance, in Oregon planting calendar, the zone is divided into zone 5 to 9. Depending on your areas, you can consult the time-table for the planting. Let’s say that you live in zone 7 and you want to plant carrots, tomato, and corn. Based on the calendar, you can start seed the carrot in the beginning of March to the middle of June. And then start again in the beginning of August to the end of October. You can start seed the corn in the beginning of May to the end of August. For tomato, you can start from the beginning of March to the end of September.
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If you are still confused with this explanation, go to the search engine and have a try yourself. Then, once you see the calendar, you will understand what I am talking about. The vegetable planting calendar is totally helpful if you are about to start growing and planting your own veggies.