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5 Top Mobile Apps for Crop Scouting in Industrial Revolution 4.0 that You Should Know

What are the top mobile apps for crop scouting in Industrial Revolution 4.0? Let’s face it, we live in a modern era where everything is run and controlled by technologies and machines. Even the farming sector also experiences the same change where advanced machinery and high-end apps make the jobs easier. So, what are the apps to choose so crop scouting would be easier?

About Industrial Revolution 4.0

We are facing the new era of technology, especially in this Industrial Revolution 4.0. Data technology and artificial intelligence have reached a crucial point in the operation and they have become the right (and also efficient) solution to social and industrial problems. The idea is to combine big data and artificial intelligence that will transform everything to a high-tech sector that is able to operate (and run) itself. Thanks to such a technology, precision agriculture is possible. Expect such thing like monitoring crop health, diagnosing harvest period, measuring soil moisture, yield monitoring, and diagnosing insect pests.

As it was mentioned before, since everything runs on technology, you need to know the lists of the top mobile apps for crop scouting in Industrial Revolution 4.0 that can help you in the agricultural sector. Thanks to this app, you can easily monitor everything and manage everything through the tip of your fingers. So, what are they?

Trimble Ag Mobile by Trimble Inc

The app can help you with easy operation and simple implementation. It can drive and deliver sustainability, profitability, and productivity of the crops – definitely advantageous for agribusinesses and farmers. For crop scouting, there are many important features that you can make use. You can capture pests’ digital image as well as geo-referencing them. You can enter the (scouting) details for crop and pests conditions. You can also view the crop health imagery so you can achieve targeted scouting. This is one of the best top mobile apps for crop scouting in Industrial Revolution 4.0 because it has re-entry alerts, mapping, fleet management, field records, and also grid sampling. The app is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and also Android.

eCropScout by Prairie Farm Club Inc

This is an app that is designed for seed dealers, agricultural professionals, agronomists, farmers, and crop consultants to monitor and manage their farm. The app can be integrated into the website (Prairie Farm Club’s site) so they can have a real-time monitoring of the crop condition. The app is easy to navigate and use, and it gives you the chance to save their important information, including chemical applications, harvesting and planting data, field scouting, manure/fertilizer applications, and disease and insect scouting.

iSOYLscout by SOYL

The app is easy to operate but it is only compatible with iPhone and iPad. The app can be used to record point of interest or areas while on a vehicle or by hand by using the (built-in) GPS technology. The app can be used to record weed infestation and crop performance. When you open the logged feature, a certain area measurement of the files would be uploaded to Dropbox, OneDrive, or mySOYL. This allows wireless scouted data and also efficient transfer between the office and the field.

OpenScout by Spensa Technologies Inc

This is another field scouting app that would keep growers informed and make scouting efficient. The app can be easily used to record photos or notes when you walk the fields. Your outcome would be time-stamped and geo-tagged automatically for effortless visualization and retrieval. It also has a severity rating so you can prioritize problems.

Sirrus by SST Software

Thanks to this software, farmers and agronomists can work together by collecting field data. It can be connected to agX platform and it can be shared to other apps and users. The app can be used to create field’s recommendation and share, email or text pdf reports, and others.

Those are some of the top mobile apps for crop scouting in Industrial Revolution 4.0 that you can use for your farming work.