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The Agras T16 Price, Features, and Specs

The Agras T16 is launched! The Agras T16 is made of the improved overall structure with modular design. It supports the highest payload and widest spray width ever in a DJI agricultural drone. With its powerful hardware, an AI engine, and 3D-operation planning, the Agras T16 can be critical when developing an effective and efficient design that brings operation efficiency to a whole new level.

The Agras T16 offers OcuSync 2.0 HD transmission technology which extends an unrivalled field of view, its control range to up to 3 km. It supports all-new modular design, while a light, yet durable airframe is made of carbon fiber composites and can be quickly folded to 25% of its original size, making it easy for transportation which features durable, lightweight and high strength.

The T16 Drone is supported by its outstanding flight performance, the max spray tank of T16 can carry up to 16 L. The total spray width has increased to 6.5 m. The T16 Drone supports both the battery and spray tank, it can easily swappable, significantly improving the efficiency of power and liquid supply.

The T16 has plans to use a drone to spray, and commits to making the workflow of crop protection more efficient and intelligent. The spraying system also has an all-new electromagnetic flow meter, providing higher precision and stability than conventional flow meters. It also has a wide-angle FPV camera and spotlights that can monitor aircraft operation during the day and at night to ensure flight safety.

With a maximum spray rate of 4.8 L/min, the T16 greatly simplifies operations, improves efficiency, and increases industrial upgrades. The spraying system of Agras T16 has 4 delivery pumps and 8 sprinklers that can spray 24.7 acres (10 hectares) [1] per hour. 

The drone makes it possible to install up to four batteries that can be charged simultaneously. All of the equipment is installed in unmanned equipment with product highlights:
  • The T16 has a 16 liters (4.23 gallons) container on board for ‘plant protection fluids.
  • Integrated ground radar allows the drone to closely follow the terrain  even in dusty or foggy conditions.
  • The addition of AI in combination with a 3D point cloud enables the drone to recognize trees and deliver a high-precision application.
  • More stringent rules and regulation in Western European countries, the US and Canada may be the reason why the DJI T16 will only be available in China for now.
  • When folded up the size of the DJI T16 will be reduced by 75% for easier transportation.
  • A waterproof rating of IP67 protects against rain and dust.
  •  It is designed with an IP54-rated all-metal housing.
  • Both the tank reservoir and the batteries can be swapped easily and quickly.
  • The T16 Intelligent Flight Battery has a capacity of 17,500 mAh
  • The charger has a capacity of 2600W and can charge four batteries at once.
  • 20 minute battery charge time with a special fast-charging option.
  • The integrated spray system has four motors, eight spray heads. A maximum spray capacity of 4.8 liters (1.27 gallons) per minute. The drone can spray up to 6.5 meters (21.33 feet) wide.
  • In combination with the DJI Phantom 4 RTK, one could create a highly precise 3D modelling and AI that is to be sprayed. AI can then be used to calculate and plan the optimal flight path for the DJI T16.
  • The DJI T16 has obstacle avoidance front and back.
  • The T16 provides different modes for flat ground, mountains, and orchards, to meet most operational needs. 
  • The DJI T16 can even be used at night as it is equipped with a floodlight.

The Agras T16 plans to begin using a $6,999.00. This is the best drone you can get near you equipped with AI intelligent technology and 3D job planning capabilities take plant protection operations to new heights. The flight of Agras T16 may bring the high load and wide spray width of the Dajiang Plant Protection Unmanned Aircraft as never before.