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What You Need to Know about Farm Tractor Parts and Functions

Do you know the tractor? The tractor is one of the most important equipment in agriculture. This tool serves to assist farmers in completing their tasks, especially in terms of piracy, fertilization, and other matters relating to agriculture. Then, do you know about farm tractor parts and their functions? Through this article, we will share information about farm tractor parts and their functions. Here are the things you need to know.


The drawbar is a very important part because it aims at the process of transporting very heavy loads. The drawbar is the main function of the tractor. This tool has a function to connect the tractor to the object that you want to drag like a straw, or a trailer. This drawbar can stretch elastic in every corner of the circle.

In addition to, there is a Tractor Drawbar Stabilizer/Trailer Mover that keeps your drawbar stable to avoid the dangerous swaying of your 3-pt. This product even makes hooking attachments up easier by simply stabilizing the drawbar.

Wheels & Tracks

The wheels and tracks are part of a farm tractor that is designed and used to balance weight on the tractor so that it will avoid the tract sinking into wet soil. The wheels on the tractor have a larger size than the wheels on the front that serve to carry the weight of the tractor and the load.


The function of this section is to facilitate and also remove and also reduce heavy loads in which load is carried by tractor. This part is one of the farm tractor parts and their functions that is very important especially when you want to transport an item that is somewhere and you want to move it to another road. If you get a hitch, you can easily unload the item and then push it to a different place.

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As is the case with automatics and other vehicles, every automatic or vehicle requires a machine. At the beginning of making a tractor farm, the manufacturer used a steam engine, but along with the development of technology the use of a steam engine was replaced by using kerosene, ethanol, and also gasoline. However, most of these engines use gasoline because of the lack of kerosene. Even tractor engines also use diesel engines to reduce a lot of energy usage.



This part makes it easy for the tractor parts to do their work more efficiently and also durable. Previously, the transmissions on this sidewalk were shaped or run manually but now evolved by an automatic transmission and it was more effective.

 Tractor Control Panel Via

The next farm tractor parts and their functions is control. This section serves to facilitate the engine in driving the tractor when the tractor carries a heavy load. This control consists of braking which will make it easier for the tractor to stop when the tractor is going down or to a steep place. So the tractor will not easily tumble and the power will be stable.

Power takeoff

This section is usually done through the length of a rubber belt wrapped around the tractor which is on an engine driven by a pedal on the rear wheel. Almost all modern tractors use this power or power takeoff engine or what is referred to as PTO which functions as a process in taking off the power. Typically, this machine can easily be connected via wheels and also the gears contained in the farm tractor. When the part is connected, this will cause PTO to be able to provide a large power to the tractor and also the engine that is on a broiler so that it will move the wheels automatically. Thus, this results in a tractor having to pull a powerful engine and also have a low speed which could be used for agricultural land.

That's information about farm tractor parts and their functions. If you like the article, don't forget to share information with your friends, relatives, and family.